How Pinewoods Education further imparts critical skills in students

Pinewoods Educational Tour Program (PETP): A multi-sensory, enhanced learning experience

Learning isn’t a secluded process. An efficient learning system involves both indoor and outdoor learning activities for children, promoting inquisitive thinking among them. Pinewoods Educational Tour Program (PETP) follows a multi-sensory learning approach that allows children to experience authentic learning through inquiry and immersion. The PEAB is aware of the need for cultural awareness, social interaction, and etiquettes learning among children. That’s why the board has come up with Pinewoods Educational Tour Program which allows students to experience new cultures, learn under new environments, circumstance, and develop cognitive abilities which are hard to develop during regular teaching sessions.


The blueprint of PETP inculcates all the critical aspects of learning among students, including problem-solving through inquiry, ability to use multidisciplinary skills and develop cultural awareness in the process.

Bridging the language gap with its foreign teacher recruitment program

Pinewoods Education runs a comprehensive international teacher recruitment program whose sole purpose is to match the best teachers, instructors of the English language with education institutions, kindergartens, and government establishments in Asia. Pinewoods Educations’ recruitment arm holds a comprehensive talent base of native English teachers from countries like the US, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, and South Africa. Its thorough vetting process ensures that only the best candidates are recruited under the program.