How private players are redefining education styles

The paradigm shift that the current education systems require cannot come from the government alone. Private institutions, educational experts, and professionals must play an equal part in this transformation.


Pinewoods Education is a Singapore-based company that excels in developing educational products that promote critical thinking and problem-solving abilities among students. Lead by a team of educators, researchers, and experts in the early-child development experience, Pinewoods Education aims at creating intellectual and pedagogical integrity in children. Ms. Joyce Ke, Director of China, finds it essential for students to be ready for a changing global workforce. She said, “The world is standing at a pivotal point of transformation, with new technologies and innovation reshaping every industry. Critical thinking is the cornerstone of this transformation.” Ms. Ke added, “Our goal is to prepare students for this new world. We consider every child as a fountain of untapped potential, and it is our duty to equip them with the necessary mental, psychological, and linguistic skills to excel in life.”